Which other ridesharing companies match Uber and Taxify in Lagos?


Please I need recommendations on the best ride-sharing platforms available in Lagos, Nigeria.

My company has charged me with the task of tying up a deal with a ride-sharing platform so as to get discount rides for our customers coming for an event we are about to organize. Now the thing is, I called up Uber and Taxify and both seem to be hooked up for the rest of the year. I’m in limbo as I don’t really know any other ride-sharing or transportation company that does well like Uber and Taxify. Google ain’t really helping either, I prefer word-of-mouth recommendations.



Hello Toby,

Let WeMove help you guys with this. This is exactly where we thrive.

Hit me up on celestine-at-wemove-dot-co and I’ll hook you up with my colleague who’s responsible for bookings and operations.

We’ve served several companies, individuals and groups, including Flutterwave and GTUG Lagos. Check out our website www.wemove.co.

I’ll look forward to your email.



ogataxi should be your perfect match


Thanks for that, I actually checked their website but I didn’t think they’re a force to reckon with. Was a little bit worried about the quality of their services.


Ok thanks Celestine. Will definitely contact you.