Which Nigeria Payment System Allows Escrow System?


Hey guys, I and my friends are currently working on an online marketplace and we are looking for a possible best option of integrating an escrow system on the site. Here is a scenario:

A buyer comes to the site to get a product from a vendor. He makes payment to an escrow trusted account (us) and vendor gets the cash only when the buyer marks the transaction as ‘approved’. This way frauds and trust issues are combed out.
Are there any payment gateways in Nigeria that can perform this function. Please I need suggestion. Thanks


You can build one? Working on one myself, it’ll be on cashcrow.me.


Fascinating statement of roadmap. All the best.


Neat! Goodluck!


Check out Simple Pay’s Simple Link


Hi Murphy,

let me introduce you to Flutterwave.

Moneywave solution is perfectly suited to meeting your requirement.

It utilizes unique card to account APIs that can allow you charge cards and credit bank accounts instantly and in your case, a wallet from where you can disburse the funds to the eventual beneficiary (seller).

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Check out Vesicash.