When will we actually have 'light'?



No one knows the number of generators in this Nigeria, but some industry experts say there are about 60 million of them enabling health and environmental problems.

Other African countries can’t gloat because one in three Africans today do not have access to electricity. Do you think there’ll come a time when this will become a thing of the past? What’s your country doing to tackle this? Drop receipts, please.

Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria consumes over $9 billion a year in fossil fuels, generating about 14 GW from diesel and petrol generators. The continent has sufficient renewable energy resources to solve its electricity problem and provide clean power sources to its people. So what exactly is the problem?

At TC Townhall: Renewable Energy, our speakers described the possibilities of a life without generators and battery-powered torches using clean energy resources. They identified the important things required to make it happen, including capital, and financial technologies. Femi Adeyemo, CEO at Arnergy whose company recently raised $9 million described the economic benefits of renewable energy. You can check out some of the presentations at the event here, here and here.

How do you propose we fix our power wahala?