What's up with the guys at Airsob?


Hi, I thought the guys at Airsob.com are already public? Was looking to integrate their service and saw a notice that they are still in Private Beta. If any of them are on here, can I be added to the Private Beta group? Thanks in advance.


Let there be @Light


Hello @Havilah thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, however, we’re not accepting new services on Airsob at the moment because, like you said, we’re currently in private beta and we’re already filled to capacity. We even have some other guys waiting to join in when we can accommodate them.

If you are interested, you can send me an email at sorbari@airsob.com and I’ll add you to the list so I can contact you when something opens up. Again, so sorry if you need the service urgently but this is the best I can do at the moment.

PS: Thanks @Engrtitus for notifying me.


Just a quick note @Light. The caption on your website states “SMS API for Nigerian Web and Mobile Apps”, and i could see a white man hands holding a phone. Your image doesn’t depicts your mission


Leave wetin dem write for Moluè, enta Moluè.


Lol @CodeFarm. Actually, I agree with you 100%. The thing is, we’re still in beta so we’re a lot more focused on the underlying tech than the overall design. When we were putting up the homepage for the site, we just got a stock photo and I doubt if anyone on the team has looked at that since then.

Too much to do at the moment.

But I’m sure, after we’ve sorted out the more important stuff and we’re ready to go live, we’ll get a more Nigerian cover image.


Nice USP. Cant wait for you to go live.
Please, don’t forget to tell your developer to fix your XML Sitemap.
It is critical to search engines knowing which pages of your website should be crawled and indexed.

Further reading here.


Thanks @SEOnero. I’ll keep that in mind.


You are welcome.
You can keep me in mind for your SEO content marketing strategy sha. :wink:


Too bad the service is not up yet :frowning: