What's Up with SimplePay?


The website has been offline for quite some time, I have sent them message on Twitter, no response yet.

Have they gone to the dark side?


I just saw this https://www.nairaland.com/4286817/alert-simplepay.ng-been-scamming-nigerians

Luckily for me, I haven’t received payment from them on ProjectShamba. VoguePay still remains the best alternative.


Goodness, do you know it is not been long I was wondering about SimplePay that no news on them and all. Those stories on Nairaland are a shame to the company and everything that tech startups in Nigeria stands for. And to think it is Simeon Ononobi Company. Unbelievable. What is happening.

Even his Myads Pay is no longer functioning last time i looked on the site it had some ecommerce stuff up for sell. This one be say once u make purchase kiss your money bye bye be that ooo.

Do see this to the end and tell us how it goes.


They closed shop and the CEO Simeon has moved on to his next project -> https://thankucash.com/


At a point in time, they were the payment service provider to FarmCrowdy …wonder what went wrong. May be CBN licensing issue :smirk:


@codegidi If this is true, I think a message should be passed across to the media about the current status of the company. This is one of the primary reasons why StartUps do not grow in this part of the world. No tech merging, no API integrations, no collaboration. We just want to be independently successful. This will take years. There is nothing bad about merging/liquidation/shutting down or whatever you call it - just do it gracefully.


I noticed the issues with simplepay website early last month and I sent a mail to simeon.
I never got a response.

It’s sad to see tech startup shutdown but scamming fellow young entrepreneurs is bad and not sending a PR is really bad for a company.

I recently watched a TEDx Talk by Jude Abaga (MI) and He made a lot of sense. Which is also what @manifest mentioned above.


The worst of it all is that the website is down, redirects to a 404 page.