What's the popular alternative to Craigslist in Nigeria and Kenya/Africa


I was looking for remote bloggers a while back, and instead of constantly looking in Asia using Craigslist, I thought I’d try posting in the Craigslist for certain African countries. And, I noticed right away that it’s just not that popular or widely used. So, needless to say, I hired a blogger out of the Philippines.

So, my question is what’s the best alternative to Craigslist in African countries like Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana, may be South African too?


Welcome to radar.

It would be nice for you to read the guidelines first.

If you have, you must have come across a section that says only humans can post, All entities other than humans such as companies have to be verified. This simply means you should make your display name, your real name, and not that of your company/website.

On your question, are you familiar with olx.com?