What's Happening With UBER?


Yesterday a friend of mine used UBER, she called the driver and he claimed he was in the estate. But after keeping her waiting for like 20 minutes, he suddenly cancelled the trip. She ended up using TAXIFY.

I have been hearing that this is being intentionally done by the UBER drivers to protest the 40% slash.

Meanwhile UBER is running aggressive instagram adverts advertising the 40% slash but the drivers are clearly not on-board. What’s your take on this whole thing?

  • Are the drivers at fault?
  • Is it UBER’s fault for slashing so heavily?
  • Is this a clear advantage for TAXIFY to pounce on UBER’s market. Or is that UBER-impossible?
  • Is UBER handling this the right way?


Lol, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (conspiracy theory) maybe uber owns equity in Taxify :laughing:


If its true that the drivers are doing this to protest against uber, then i love it…

This is because personally, I think the 40% slash is totally unfair with respect to the drivers. The only person that comes out with a win out of it is Uber.

However, I feel Uber was bold enough to make that move because they have too many drivers on the platform. I bet they are betting that even if a percentage of the drivers leave, they will still have more than enough active drivers.


That is how i booked one during the weekend. The app was telling me 5mins to arrival the next thing i see he didn’t turn at my roundabout and decided to take the other route to the highway (that doesn’t even lead to my location) the next thing it changed from 5 mins away to 30mins away. I just quickly canceled the trip and got another driver, the next driver arrived in less than 5 mins.


First, you need to understand Uber owns no vehicles and rely on partners / Drivers to fulfill trips. Now Partners / Drivers are also in it for the money so the whole arrangement has to pay everybody i.e (Uber, Partner, and drivers). Now Uber announces a price cut to drive more people to use Uber so they can get more of rides and more “25%” on each ride, but the didn’t consider the other two parties in the trio.

So they are squeezing revenues from Drivers and Partners but are unwilling to reduce their own cuts on the fees. Taxify is able to have low prices because they charge 15% commission on fees.

Uber went into this with an aim of out pricing Taxify but the irony is that it has hurt Uber more than anyone else.


Let them keep fighting on cost. A nigga would keep switching allegiance to the cheapest one.


true that, i feel 25% cut should be reduced to make it worth while for the partners and drivers. but then i know someone that took a ride with taxify recently and the driver decided to stop and pray , she couldn’t end the ride cos it was cash based and needed to get to the destination to get cash, so she waited . yup. … i have always wondered why uber doesnt have a contact center though… not sure if taxify does also.


it doesn’t work that way, it will get to a point where it is unprofitable for the partners and they will pull out then you will be back to yellow cabs


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lol …yes seriously, with photo evidence


uber drivers simply switched to become taxify drivers…taxify is a bit lenient on drivers and the drivers are noticing this already. The question here is would they go back to Uber???


Developers at Platohub use Uber a lot!. however we noticed some technical and strategic issues and out of concern decided to extend our free consulting services to them but and they ignored us. Its a pity, Taxify is really taking advantage of their messes.
In fact It will interest you to know that Platohub(www.platohub.com) have gotten about 10 request from people who want to build a ride sharing platform, and the demand is growing. This is what happens when you relax in life!. In fact we are almost done with one.


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You can advise. but then you shouldn’t condemn!..and saying crappy statements like… thats why they are having problems… you guys are full of crap… I mean… for a company that has… how many billions of dollars in investment again?.. thats how you guys use this stupid card to force customers to take your useless advise.

Tell you what. I will dash 1M if your app can acquire and successful retain 1000 customers in june and july.


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