What is the Deep Web?


I actually searched Techcabal and to my surprise, there’s not a single post on the Deep Web or the Dark Web. I will talk about it briefly and link to the source.

So what is the Dark Web or the Deep Web?

First off it is important to understand that the Internet is vast and constantly growing and the majority of our daily usage only scratches the surface. Google, Yahoo, and other search engines only show us about 4% of the data available on the Internet. To access the other 96% we require customized digging through individual sites, sub pages, restricted access journals or archives and so on this 96% is called the Deep Web.

It is also important to understand that pretty much everything we do online is visible, traceable and even possibly being monitored. Everything except for the areas of the Deep Web that are masked by the Dark Web. The Dark Web is concealed through a series of identity masking layers. This basically means that you can access and interact with it anonymously without being tracked. This is achieved through a special encryption software like Tor.

Source: https://fincoapps.com/what-is-the-deep-web/


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