What are your thoughts on the UX of Lindaikejisblog.com?


Good day Radarians in the house,

As part of my ux design challenge which most of you are already aware of. I was prompted to take on Linda Ikeji’s blog and I am convinced to do so. I felt the outcome will be great if I involve you all in the process.

Please let me know your thoughts on the current Lindaikeji’s blog site.

Thanks for your contribution here.

PS: I will be hearing from some of LindaIkeji’s followers too.


When I see a Lindaikeji, Paystack vs , Nairaland and Osewa thread


But this is not one of those. He wasn’t asking for your thoughts on Linda Ikeji. He was asking for thoughts on the site. From a design perspective.

@chimdinduaneke you should probably edit your title to make it clear that you’re thinking of design… or else some people will just pass by in disdain.


Ooohkay now I get it


Awww thanks @Diakon for raising this up… I never imagined it will appear as an attack on individuals…who am I?

Radarians we are talking about the UX of the blog site.

Clear now? Let me know your thoughts about the current site.


Great to know it’s clear now… So your thoughts now… sorry it appeared confusing earlier on.


I think the UX makes her too much money to bother, I mean it’s not broken why fix it? Bella naija has a way better UX , I don’t know what their accounts are like but I bet she makes more money.


Hmmm… interesting point @lawwyy …what made you think it’s not broken?


Find a way to make the ads less intrusive, while keeping the UX very simple. Simplicity is key because her core users may find a fancy UX complicated.


I find the site too tacky and all over the place especially the top

Maybe because of the colors of the ads. I personally like backgrounds with a lot of white

Left to me, I’d remove the avatars at the back


its looks cluttered…


It’s not broken cus it is one of the most visited sites in Africa, if I owned it I ll probably won’t touch it or improve till I see some drop in traffic or a real need to. It serves my customers as it is, why bother?


Interesting question, but like @chimdinduaneke asked:

If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

is a double-edged sword. While it is used to caution against frivolous/useless modifications, it can also be used as an excuse for complacency & unwillingness/inability to innovate.
The trick is in differentiating one from the other.

Kodak probably thought that for over 20 years after the invention of digital camera (by an employee, ironically) & today they are no more than a malnourished shadow of their former selves.

Other defunct products/businesses probably thought the same way too.
Every business that does not innovate dies.
So, before pulling this famous quote out of the hat, one has to think long & hard about which of the two scenarios apply.


You are right, perhaps the environment also allows for such. Who knows if Nairaland improves on UX you might be shocked the stats will drop, I think Nairaland isn’t doing that because of the market it serves.If I own Linda or Nairaland today, I ll just make sure I serve the market as it changes and that change may take long in intervals.


Let’s keep the conversation on track please, so this doesn’t degenerate into another “Seun should” or “Linda should” thread.

I think all the OP needs is your observation on the UX. From a user’s perspective. From your perspective (if you are a user). Not necessarily from Linda’s shoes.


The ‘if it is not broken’ mantra is the reason we keep churning poor UI-UX products in Nigeria, especially from non-startup environments. Is that enough reason to hurt people’s eyes with poor colour combinations and blinding contrast levels?

Money is always the koko. One day Nigerians will start hating ads.

The UI-UX is poor. The website’s owner has no regard for the eyes of her readers. You don’t just slam anything you want as a background image. This is so 1999.


Nice one… Let me shock you a bit about Nairaland…
Its UX is more subtle and great in many good ways than meets the eye. In one of my designs, I ran a study on 13 most visited Nigerian sites to determine the ux of their 404 pages, to my greatest surprise Nairaland beat them all ( GTBank came near too for they met my criteria for analysis).
Big reminder for us to always look beyond the surface for great UX.


True. Reminder that UX!=UI


That “If It Ain’t Broke, Why Fix It”, term is so unpardonable when used unnecessarily as an excuse to do things better. Let’s look at the big players in the IT world for example. The UI and UX of Facebook, Twitter, Google, etcetera aren’t the same with what they were 1 or 2 years back! Most user’s weren’t complaining but that doesn’t stop them from doing better in order to stay in the market. If these could do that, then I wonder why ‘our own’ couldn’t do likewise. Ask yourself why is Apple and Google’s Android still way ahead of Nokia, Motorolla and others. I read somewhere that most users of a product don’t actually know what they want, make an amazing change and they’ll accept!

Anyway, back to the topic, I hardly visit LindaIkejisblog not because it doesn’t hold great content but because of the UI. The UX is great and simple as in most users perform basically 1 - 3 functions on the site; (i) read a news item (ii) Click on comments to read/post, then maybe (iii) Post a comment. That’s all. But the UI is really bad, just like so many radarians have already mentioned, too cluttered especially with ads, bad colour combinations, and slow loading time. Yes, she makes a fortune from the ads and I’m not saying she should remove them, but there are ways to display them, take a cue from Facebook and Google, even Nairaland too did well on that.

I rest my case (for now).


in the end, Nokia then-CEO ended his speech with this:
“we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”

it might feel like there’s nothing wrong with the blog UI/UX today (i will pretend i didn’t say that); but i look forward to the devil and demons from the village taking blame for tomorrow’s failure. let’s have this discussion in 10 years. for now, let the sleeping dog lie…