What are the P2P options in Nigeria?


I am struggling to find existing P2P payment solutions in Nigeria, Doing a little research the closest I saw to a Venmo type app was BuxMe which has been shuttered for ALAT, Asides Fint.ng(P2P lending) I couldn’t find others.

Are there other existing or upcoming P2P payment solutions that you know of?


Would love to know your specific use case if any, you can actually use PayScrow for P2P transactions, and It provides protection for both peers.
Check it and see. Hopefully, its suitable for your use.


Good work with this soultion, l this meets most of the use cases I have in mind. Do you guys have an app?


Thank you. App is in the works… should be ready on or before Christmas. Will notify you once ready.


@Fola_Moses check out Paga’s free P2P payment solution


There is a mobile app too


thanks @Zubair, This looks more like what I was searching for