We refreshed our website: Keep or Tweak?


Hello Radarians,
We recently refreshed our website: www.touchabl.com


  1. To make it easier for visitors to better understand our value proposition, and
  2. To compel visitors to take action (app download)

Should we Keep this design, or Tweak it?
Thank you, as I anticipate your response.



Why is it not the same height ?


Uploading? Please explain further. Thanks



Sooo much whiteness

P.S. am not racist


We could’ve changed it but we let it stay like (deliberately) to reflect a kinda urgency. Maybe it’s a bad idea, but we wanted the user to feel we’re asking them to hasten their action and download the app (like we increasing the volume ish). Also, on a second look, it reflects a kinda acceleration from idea to “Go”. Still don’t like it?