We need you at BuildingMaterials.ng



This is an idea we’re working on at Tested Technologies very simple Idea
a classified website for building materials sellers.

We are open for suggestions and partnership.

What do you think should be added or removed…All ideas are welcome.

Thank you as we make this a reality

You can contact us admin@buildingmaterials.ng


Nice niche, especially for me. I have been looking for something like this. When we get contracts at Pukena, we usually spend p to 50% on materials. That’s making money for sellers of this materials. e.g, We bought over 20 drums of paints from a seller to execute a project at a hotel…

But I saw that we can make money too from that angle, through affiliate earnings. So I directed our purchases to vendors of these materials who offer affiliate programs. We are currently doing that with Jumia and Konga. But since that is your niche, if you incorporate affiliate program in your platform, we can make a deal with your company. Hit me up!


Thanks for your response, I am sorry affiliate programs are not available for now but rest assured you’ll be notified once it is…
It is in the pipeline.


Nice initiative. I have been using builtprice.com . Nice service too


Thanks for the link, surprised i never knew a site like that existed,…though we are different, theirs is a simple ecommerce with single seller , we are a classified with multiple sellers


What type of partnership are you looking for? Pm me