WaraCake.com version 2.0: We need your feedback :)



We are currently rebranding at WaraCake, we would love to have your feedback(s) on our new web application. The demo is live at http://waracake.wpengine.com/

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


We should integrate.



Looks good. How do you guys make money from the platform? Is it commissions from sales? And if yes, please explain a bit more. Thanks in advance.


dropped a mail


Yes, Commission on sales. We are a marketplace for these bakers.


Thanks. But after payments from customers through the different payment platforms, I believe the money hits your own account. Do you then transfer to the baker whose product was purchased? Or does it “hit” the account of the baker and they transfer to you? I am asking all these questions because I and my team are developing a marketplace for some service and we need to integrate the most feasible commission approach.


Kindly email me at tunde@waracake.com


It feels like another “shopping” site.

Why can’t I customize a cake in even the least form of it? I’ve been ordering cakes with Cakes n Cream for some time now, I call in and I answer some questions to customize it. Please don’t take this too hard, but I feel using WooCommerce for your site is “lazy engineering” or no engineering at all. You might have been better-off building a very simple PHP application to accept simple requests like color, icing type, size, etc. Perhaps, I don’t understand what you guys are trying to do.


[quote=“logbon72, post:9, topic:1093”]
Please don’t take this too hard, but I feel using WooCommerce for your site is “lazy engineering” or no engineering at all.
[/quote]The use of themes is no lazy engineering. Why reinvent the wheel when there is one already? Ecommerce is not a new technology anymore, so it’s makes no sense trying to code an entire shopping site from scratch. Nobody does that!!


Well done @Olatunde_Ayilara.

  1. I observed something with the brand colors! The colors are dull and for an Ecommerce site (especially yours being for food), bright colors should be used. Talk to an experienced branding professional or UI designer.
  2. For the home page, I suggest your use the same image dimensions for the Lastest Cakes area.
  3. Why make the actual shop a subdomain (i.e. /shop)? I would prefer that the shop be hosted on the homepage (waracake.com), so that visitor land straight into the shop. No serious ecommerce site hosts the shop on a subdomain. The domain is the shop!
  4. The large DIVs for testimonials, press, blog isn’t necessary for the shop’s home page. You should make them smaller and embedded them within the footer.
  5. Footer DIV should be made shorter (it’s just TOO high).
  6. Study Jumia.com.ng and Konga.com.ng as best practices!

Well done once again!


But this isn’t another “shopping site”
it’s supposed to help people order cake and people don’t have fixed taste. Have you ever used Hellofood? Why didn’t they just list the food and expect you to add to cart, and then checkout?

Engineering requires more than just code, you need to understand the product you’re trying to sell. The tool was made for the developer, not the other way round. You don’t restrict yourself to a wheel that has been created when it won’t spin the way you want it.


@logbon72: You were asked for feedbacks, so kindly do just that. It’s not a final product. Nothing is final! It’s left for them to accept or reject your feedbacks.


So my comments don’t constitute a feedback? Who made you the judge and why the hell have you decided to take it personal?


No vex sir. I didn’t take it personal; you will see that if you read my post impersonally :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Er. Ahem. :grin:



I think you expected too much. It is a actually just another “shopping site”. Remember, it’s only a market place for the bakers. They only aggregate “already made” cakes.


Seriously, who orders for already baked cakes? So, I’m sending a birthday cake to my wife and I can’t even put her name on it? That’s not too much, it’s as basic as the product they are selling, and using Google forms or Typeform would have easily addressed that (at least for a “very” MVP).

I got to know about one soup service like that through @lordbanks, I tried placing an order, and saw they used TypeForm to ask for some basic questions, it’s a good way to validate a product, at least the basic information that you need to have soup cooked were asked.

— Some other rants deleted —


Thanks a lot for the Feedback. This is really valuable to us.


Thanks a lot man. This feeback is really valuable to us.


Nice Logo. But the site can be better in terms of the product pages. The cake names and descriptions are rather scanty. Other than that, good job. Site loads fast :sunglasses: