Visual Design Daily with Adobe Illustrator


Gender Icons can be used at entrances generally, restroom, lifts etc or even in the web apps


MAD MAX Concept… Happy Sunday guys


Good attempt…but these icons aren’t distinctly clear.


@leslie Would look into it boss, I think it has to do with the size of the art board I created it in. Thanks for the feedback boss.


So guys did these two Mockups for a client…Kindly review


Good evening guys, how did your day go ? After getting some feedback on looking into trying new tools, I did little research, tried a few apps egg marvel app, invision, figma, I settled on choosing figma because I was able to get up to speed, the ui./ux is kind of similar to illustrator, especially in the use of vectors and complex shape creation, so I came up with this today after trying to learn figma. What do you guys think


It’s an icon/logo that can be used for any brand that has a name starting with letter T, and just wants T as a simple representation of the brand.


Good afternoon guys, i was just trying out things i could design in figma and i created this.


good day guys, still getting use to everything figma. i started thinking of simple UIs to design to get a good grasp of the app. i designed a simple recorder app using an iphone 7 screen size


Good afternoon guys, I am back again, been really busy. Yesterday 1st September, I made figma my primary design tool and I designed a simple radio app ui to celebrate it as well as sallah. Happy new month.


rough sketch of the ui concept


Something for the weekend
Weather App UI


Online School Receipt UI
Yea, futminna alumni :slight_smile:


Rough sketch of the ui concept that influenced the final design


Happy Sunday guys, after trying a few mobile apps UI design, I decided to try a website. The website can fit a photo studio, agency or for a small business that just needs an online presence. Still learning how to mix colors properly so I created two versions.

Behind the scenes

Have a great week ahead.


These are some app screens from my latest prototyping work. just wanted to share the payment onboarding pages, i think its not real cool enough maybe some advice will do?


@Psalm I am still learning but, you can try and work on colors, asides that what software did you use?


Simple One Page Website Design UI on bootstrap framework


Mockplus (am using a student account)


Good morning guys, another one! in dj Khaleds voice
A music player UI