Visual Design Daily with Adobe Illustrator


advertisement - i tried to create something that would look like a banner and a mouse hovering it,about to be clicked.

publishing - represents the idea of having articles, books(soft & hard copies) accessible to all users/devices, it could also represent publishing in terms of magazines and how it appears on different platforms while retaining its colours/ pixels.

investment/ funding - this design came from the idea of a briefcase full with money brought in by an investor or just cashed out of the bank:sunglasses:

strategic funding - i tried to create an icon that could represent exponential growth and revenue as a result of good business decisions, strategies or stocks as well as investment.

Business growth / development - this is like one of the easiest to depict, a business is like a baby, young fragile : the reason for the first flower/plant, then gradually it starts to grow, develop bigger, wider into a full business/ big tree, the reason for the second pot of plant.


morning guys,hows the weekend going? i decided to drop something for breakfast. i was working on my icons when i stumbled on an image of framer app logo, i paused for a while then, i was like it kinda looks perfect but at the same time might look incomplete “just my opinion though” because i could depict the "F’ was derived by a combination of triangles, so i thought i make a redesign to
make it look like what represents the missing triangle as well as learn and understand how each layer, shape, effect was created, they say you learn faster by copying from the best designers.


morning guys, how was your weekend, i designed a UI for a music player some days back and to be honest, from the feedback i got it didn’t look nice true true…lool, so after taking a break from UI design i tried another attempt and this is what i came up with. any improvements? would love to hear your opinions. thanks
this player as options to share, like the song and other things right inside the app. Have a great week ahead.:sunglasses:



good evening guys, how was your day? i am here again like i have always been…lool. this time with another new style, design. pay attention! “trying to rap”.:grin: so i bring to you a website design UI of a one of my favorite musicians Chris Brown, more like an official website/page. i tried to create a very simple site that you can get all information about the musician, songs, albums, show/tour dates and location etc.
On the homepage i tried to make the album section blurrier the more older an album is, as well as vary their sizes based on how late or early the albums are.
On the left below the handburger menu i have four icons 'songs, albums, tour/show and about" which is more like biography of the musician. the handburger itself could serve as a link to many more options, like play/download his tracks, get ticket sales discount and lots more.


above, far right, i also included links to social media profile pages of breezy on the site. its almost time for dinner, i hope this can make dinner more sweeter :sunglasses:


Why not just “show” us these things you’re narrating about? Design more screens. Then start looking at how to use apps like Invision or Marvel to bring your screens to life via prototyping. Next Level is the only level bruh


@GbMillz your designs are a bit plain and dull color, I think you should look at dribble and get some inspiration, I notice you use green and your icons are too plain.


@dojoVader thanks for the feedback boss, would work on it.


Thanks boss, would look into the newer tools. Thanks for dropping by.


No problem bro, you’re gonna be a rockstar just keep at it, it’s only a matter of time. :wink:


@dojoVader thanks for the words of encouragement boss. you have no idea how much it had boost my morale. thanks alot


good day guys, after getting some feedback yesterday, i decided to do something that looked more brighter. i started thinking of what i could design, a flight booking UI design came to my mind. i checked few nigerian sites and decided to recreate something for tried as much as possible to replicate the website as well as include something different of my own to spice it up a little bit. Below is what i came up with.


sketches from brainstorming different design styles and patterns


good evening guys, how’s your weekend going. i decided to drop something to keep the thread going, get more feedback as well get better. thanks

they are icons that can be used in a web/ app project.


Before people start running their mouths, i think we should have a weekly UI challenge on Radar, where people upload their designs, protptype or screens, ehn ehn then you’ll see how easy it is to work on a design… some companies take 1 year to design a working prototype alone and have a lot of designers working in collaboration.
But i also think you should start prototyping already, doing designs with illustrator or photoshop will just keep stretching you unnecessarily.


Adobe XD, Axure and Mockplus are a bit free to use,


I believe all feedback is good feedback, one most be open to corrections no matter how harsh/hard they seem. That’s what will stretch the learner and push him/her to doing better. Thanks for the feedback boss. An idea of a weekly UI challenge won’t be a bad idea. If we can find people to give the challenge and also give feedback on what we upload. Would put the tools you mentioned into consideration. Thanks.


good afternoon guys, sorry for not keeping the thread fresh/updated, been really busy at work. your feedback and page views is what keeps me going. thanks y’all.:grinning:
i completed the flight booking app UI that i started with some days back.


happy weekend guys