USSD or MMI codes for a new Product



Greetings Guys,
Please I have an idea for a VAS to the TELCOs. Its is still at a proposal stage. Please can someone guide me through the procedures on how to develop and market this idea to the point of acceptance?


If you are looking towards quick iteration and launching without the beurocracy or back and forth with the telcos, you should consider AT’s USSD Offering, pricing is a bit steep though. (I can handle integrations if you decide on using AT)


Thank you Gabe, I will get in touch ASAP.


If you need a competing offer, I also can do your integration with AT, develop the USSD app itself and build whatever business logic you want to power it. Talk to me.


Out of town momentarily, I should be available by next week. we will talk then. I need to sit with some experienced hands on this.Thanks.