Urgent! Your view on this website


Actually designed a website for an NGO - www.greenimpactint.org . I need your various two cent on the design in general. Thanks. Better viewed on non-opera mini for best view i noticed.


I hate to say this but it’s ugly as ****
It looks like a site from 1999. It’s obvious you used one of those cheap ass templates sighs


There’s too much clutter on the home page. You have to find a way to put interesting content on other pages and draw people to that content.


@simply_yomi great… think you need to review alot of stuff like: the page structure, logo and color combo, images are skewed and so on… @kinect take it easy na , criticism is necessary but try encouragement at the same time.


@kinect This is wrong man! you really should be constructive in your criticism. People are here to learn not to get told how much they suck at doing things.

@simply_yomi the website looks clustered and uneasy to the eyes. you should proberbly look www.wrapbootstrap.com or www.creativemarket.com I bet you will see a much better template with mordern layout. You can also try to visit other websites to see and learn from their designs.


Too much emphasis displaying content (articles, gallery and videos). You want people to know what the project or initiative is all about, not splash content everywhere.

You want visitors to be enthralled in your narrative, your story, your concept - so remarkable that they come back for more.


The site looks cluttered but the color combination is okay.


The font used doesn’t exude beauty, Please change. The focus of the site i assume is to spread the gospel of the environmental cause. As such the first thing i should be seeing shouldnt be RECENT ARTICLES. As it is, the image of the Latest article (May 2015) is blurred and just not okay.

The headers and logo at the top isnt properly and finely placed including the Connect (social media icons) tab.

I expected to see your timeline of results up rather than further down. That is what would likely convince anyone to join the movement.

Recent events and Next events - Events and activites indicate that green impact has not achieved or done anything in a long while. If this is the case, this can be hidden/placed in a less visual position. The next event (none currently) is out of place. If you dont have any, remove - place in a less visual position and not as large as that.
Recent events, next events and Latest tweets placeholders are not aligned.

Meet our team - While this is subjective, i do not think this is necessary on the page. Any one interested in the team should click on the tab above. Especially since majority of people would never have heard of the people currently there.

Video can be combined with Gallery and separated within. The Video pictures seem of very low quality as well…

Still need to a lot work to beautify and make this site attractive especially for the kind of cause the Movement is “fighting” for.


The color combo looks ok but could be better, but the site design, UI/UX is quite poor… A whole lot more can still be done to improve it, then the logo… cmon, that’s so 1999 (no offense meant)…

I’d advise you play around with cms… my specs - wordpress… you’d get a lot of better templates with easy customization.


Thanks@all.I appreciate ur comments… Will embark on using a different template …


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This one doesn’t learn to stay buried.


Nice job in progress, but this might not be the best place for a review…cos guys here ain’t smiling at all. They might make you wonna delete the site.
However, every other part of the site might look nice…you need to work on the header…also, the colours are not receptive enough.


the beauty of a website is determined by how well the graphics on the website is. Hence you need a graphic designer. See one of my works www.skylar.com.ng


Good work done. Following on from the other comments

  1. Think colour combination
  2. Think presentation - clean and uncluttered
  3. Don’t follow convention - check out these websites. They are certainly not in line with your business type but the websites are clean and yours can borrow from their ‘look and feel’


All the best


Please take out time to work on the template you used, you just destroyed that nice template from Crunchpress. Try and reduce your logo to match the demo an work with a good font. All the best!


The beauty of a website is determined by it’s usability and simplicity not necessarily the graphics


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ugh shared hosting


It’s a work in progress, great websites like yahoo… didn’t look the way they are now when they started.


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