Ubanji.com & The Creative Challenges We Hope To Solve


Hi guys, been a while I posted something on Radar so I thought this might be a good time to start.

Two years ago I embarked on a project to solve the challenges most creative and skilled people face in Nigeria, simply put, to give them a voice and provide an opportunity to be discovered online.

At that time, I decided to call this baby Skillsearch Nigeria which I thought was cool but turns out to be quite limiting. I went back to the drawing table armed with my favorite cup of coffee and spent the next six months sleeping.

Anyways, one year later, I revamped and renamed it, Ubanji, accessible at www.ubanji.com. So what is Ubanji.com? I’d be very brief.

Ubanji is a web-based application (Mobile app underway) that hopes to become the online repository for skilled and creative people in Nigeria. Our goal is to have people showcase their works online in areas of Design, Photography, Fashion, Art, Music and much more. It’s also a platform that helps people engage and appreciate each other’s work.

This we hope will make it easy for clients such as AD Agencies and Individuals to recruit and source for local talents online based on location.

I’d like you guys to have a look and tell me what you think, I’m open to suggestions and criticisms :see_no_evil: please check it out at www.ubanji.com.

Thanks guys