Truppr Redesign


First things first this is not official, i just had some downtime and a bit of creative block.
This is pornography, because it does not solve one single problem but then again the sprint helps sharpen the skills
this was done on windows and Photoshop was not involved in this experiment. Figma and illustrator with pen and paper was okay.

there are quite a lot of things i wish i could change but i decided that perfect is the enemy of good….
The only thing i knew about the Truppr before doing this…. there happens to be one beautiful dark skin woman that works there. and this is not about her.

I will try to keep this short and i will attempt to share the entire process here.

then the web part


Wow, incredible. How do people come up with stuff like these??


Very nice.

The trend these days for word mark logos is small caps though, but this is lovely.


dope… very much appealing to my eyes


Really nice, but, it felt more like an active wear brand (for sports and workout) than a team spotter app for sports and workout.

The work is beautiful on its own. Really decent.


:joy: you had me at pornography.

I love how you’ve detailed your process. Great stuff! :raised_hands:


Great stuff @SignorChuksy and thanks for showing the process :thumbsup:

Would be cool if you let us know how you chose the final design? The reversed R, the touch of red below the T instead of other colors, Does Red signify danger to run?
How does that agree with sports/truppr et al. That and reasons why would be awesome for us to know and learn from too :slight_smile:

PS: And that might also help clear @uxkish’s thought of it just being like an active wear brand.

PS2: The design does not seem to be universal - red touch on T on a white background, white touch on a red background etc. How do you handle such cases?


Once I saw it, Everlast came to mind… I guess that’s a good thing.


One word…Perfect!


Loving this!!! :heart_eyes:


i happen to be terrible at writing so please pardon the lack of punctuation’s that follows therein
left to me the logo would be all black i prefer simple and spartan because regardless of the medium it still retains its essence, for some weird reason, i design by heart when i work on things like these it has to feel right, if not it goes in the trash. the weird part about this was that it took me over a week to refine the concept in my head before touching illustrator the paper sketch was so i wont forget the one that stood out and also to see if it would work on paper.

the red in there stands for passion i believe to succeed ant anything you have to be passionate about it even with fitness as much as its a social fitness app the idea or rather the strange bit i had in my head was what if this appeals to the passionate sports/fitness enthusiast or human who want to reach out to another passionate person to workout with there is a lot of weird bits so i will spare you guys the drivel

the universality of the slash can be changed to suit whatever background the logo is on i prefer a more spartan approach where its all black or red if the color of the type can change the color of the slash can also change…

@uxkish with good advertising anything can become what you want it to be i wanted to avoid the startupy looking logos that abounds these days and also trends trends will always be replaced by even weirder trends


It’s perfect. Perfect.


Featured on Layrz. Because that’s where awesome work lives :smiley:


Have you test it with actual users?


There’s no product to review here, per say, just eye candy for Radar’s design category.

So not sure if that question works in this case. Just a desginer making superb use of his spare time.


Mehn this is way cool. I just learned one new thing today
Sketching with a pencil b4 designing. Have always heard people say it buh haven’t actually put it to the test before