Tried to recreate Windows 8 Metro UI with CSS



nice work, some slight transition on the icons would be nice. make sense tho.


Thanks man I will try to add that later, btw your name reminds of this lovely song by Mos Def


A friend of mine says that everything UI, regardless of the platform is built with CSS. This proves it’s possible. Lol


Wow Interesting, Earlier I was reading your article on recursion and algorithm thanks for breaking it down, I have been struggling to come terms with the whole thing for awhile now. You guys should check out my other pens too.


Thanks for taking your time to read. I really appreciate it.


lol i’ve seen this video but never knew the name was “Umi Says”, pretty old jam. omo you na bros o to have this on your playlist lool.

@the_Ozmic better add Javscript in there as well


Lol I love 90s rap, I dey like consider myself Hip-Hop head.


totally understand, i was a hip hop head some years ago but now no time to even download songs. code ti take over


As someone who has used Metro UI for so many presentations in the past, I can say you are so close. It’s just the font that’s off. If it’s not Segoe UI Light, it’s not Metro UI


Oh Nice that’s the name thanks :thumbsup: looks a tad bit better now, helvetica-neue was really close.