To all Startup Founders, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers


To all Entrepreneurs, Lagos Innovates is ready to pay for your office rent. Apply here by selecting Leadspace.
Application ends 31st March, 2018.


Why is Lagos Innovates requesting my BVN to register?

Is this a tax trap?

Also, what is the process for getting the Co-Working space like?


Anoda angu you go there :joy: They want us all in a room they can easily round up for failure to remit taxes


Govt. no be charity na. cost money to run, even if light , water, road no good. but lagos govt. dey try.

ANyways… no free lunch. they are doing a VC round into your business. you pay back when you succeed. abi failure dey pay tax?


My brother, I done jump am pass :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: