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Wired Banking software is a digital Micro-Finance Bank, Cooperative Society, Thrift/Daily Savings and Loan Business Services Management system that enable the mentioned cooperative Carry out there transactions.

Benefit of usage: (it)
 It helps you to totally avoid long notes or Write-up
 Backup your data against lose of records or fire outbreak
 Auto solve manual calculation mistake
 Protect your business from fraudulent staff that could manipulate write-up and signature to make up…
 Easy to use and Initiate transactions
 Instant transaction alert ( sms/email/whatsapp
 very affordable and easy to initiate transaction
 Mobile friendly ( able users access their account !.

Usage Roles:
 Unlimited number of Teller
 Unlimited number of Field Officers
 Unlimited number of Customers
 Unlimited number of Admin
 Unlimited number of Sub-admin

The above mentioned now have personalize dashboard to carry out their daily activities while super admin run general management


  1. Unlimited Registration ( Quick & Recapture)
  2. Unlimited branch management
  3. Staff management
  4. Unlimited Customer base
  5. Expenses management
  6. Loan management
  7. Fixed Savings Management
  8. Daily/Target Saving management
  9. Deposit management
  10. Withdrawal management
  11. Payroll Management
  12. Expenses Management
  13. Staff and Admin chat
  14. Fixed deposit management
  15. Announcement management
  16. Customer management
  17. Customer Complain management box
  18. New registration notification
  19. Report Generation (excel & pdf)
  20. Transfer management
  21. Calendar
  22. Season greeting SMS/EMAIL broadcast
  23. Transaction Alert ( SMS. Email and Whatsapp)
  24. Refund/reversal management
  25. Multiple Wallet integration
  26. New registration Notification
  27. Customer KYC/BVN verification
  28. Customer verification management

You can perform Know your customer (kyc) verify using either BVN or Phone no option
Welcome to Wired-Banking your #1 Financial Support Master Software for cooperative, Loan Institution, and Micro-finance bank…
WIRED-BANKING (STN) is a digital banking system
that enable financial institution, Micro finance, Multi-purpose Cooperative; Thrift savings collector, Loan Institution and NGO manage their financial business on the go

Introducing Wired-Banking software for Micro-Finance Bank, Cooperative Society, Thrift/Daily Savings and Loan Business Services. ( Savings , Loan, Staff, Payroll, Branch and report management etc
Direct bank transfer and bill payment ( to enable customer transfer their savings via their dashboard, USSD, Whatsapp bot to any bank and Also pay bills)

Reach-out for demo
08187798227; 09030306672; 08055988585

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