This web app make it easy to create threads on Twitter


We all know how threads on twitter can be easily broken when someone that is not patient enough replies.
This app basically takes all your pre-composed chunks of tweets and threads them so fast within seconds.


Are we really that lazy these days? We need a 3rd party app to help create threads now? Christ.


Haba @kinect, you won’t even buy us dinner (by showing a few screenshots or something like how your app compares to writerack) before you ask us of Twitter access?


Hehe :smile: actually I don’t aim to compete with Writerack, I’m just doing this one-project-per-month thing. I hope to at least use a Javascript concept in each of the app. Here I’m basically exploring the use of ES6 Promises & Generators.
and probably blog about it (I have been postponing for too long :weary:)

But thanks for your feedback anyway I’ll probably buy you a real dinner the next time I’m in Nigeria :slight_smile:


I heard dinner…:raising_hand_woman:


If its Jollof… bring it on! I’d meant that before the huge step of collecting twitter oauth(?), one should be able to see how your app will look: screenshots and so forth.