There has never been a better time to be a developer in Nigeria: CcHub research


Techpoint has kuku said that “techies are immune to the recession”. Welp.

Typical monthly pay for developers in the best paying Nigerian tech firms

There has never been a better time to be an affiliate marketer :grin:


Over here in the north, the story is kind of different, but gradually, things will change, this is why I code and improve my technical skills everyday, even as am still a student.


Programming language for the next 12 months- and React.js isnt even on the list


How is React.js a programming language?


Is Angular, CSS, HTML etc. a programming language?


And that somehow makes React.js a programming language… :confused:


You can ask the people that made the report. All am saying is you’re going out of context.


Insightful research

A college degree is not needed for a job in the technology sector. Companies in the survey report paying around NGN 70,000 per month for a new employee without a university degree and NGN 95,000 for university graduates. A job in the tech sector can be very lucrative with salaries ranging from NGN 50,000 to above NGN 1,000,000 per month.

Compared with the remuneration packages for jobs posted here on radar, has this got anyone else thinking?


This is basically every job then, minus gateman


This is a wide range. Kinda like the difference between okada and private jet. But I guess they’re all modes of transport sha


I wasn’t impressed with the article. 50k to 1 million doesn’t make any sense. I kept looking for where they would say, “The average salary of an entry-level developer in Nigeria is X, while the average for a similar position in profession A is Y, and in profession B is Z”. Instead, what I got was a couple of unclear graphs and a salary scale that could be, as @Nosaaaa pointed out, for practically any job.