The top ten places Nigerians (Lagosians) are Ubering to


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have official data from a foreign company in our midst. Analysing this information would be beneficial to business minded individuals who may be taking note(s) for future business models. I remember @lordbanks saying we could interpret this data in so many ways. I don’t understand the whole drama about sexism and what not.

@adequnle Using uber 3 times a week may not mean much to Uber if the places listed above are not in your GeoMap.

Okay, let’s slide away from Gender for a sec. From what we have, what if I tell ya most patronisers of this service are aged 22 - 45, would I be wrong ?

Here’s my take on this data. Uber service in Lagos is highly consumed by

  • Females
  • Age 22 - 45

for Entertainment & Fun purposes.

I would really love to break this down to time spent (based on data from Idle mode) but that can’t be possible without Uber.

It’d be great if we stick to analytics or argue valid points raised and not judge users in whatever way their points come from.


man just pulled out number from the air. mad.


fair assumption tbf. While I can’t truly ascertain their earnings, that demographic is easily the biggest spender in Lagos. Easily.


And you Know this how?


a little research i’ve done.


If you are right in this. Then I think we can safely infere that kpansh is the main reason people take uber to these places.


Oooor that demographic is more likely to value entertainment and as a result, spend money it.


Granted, they are the most likely to spend more money. But look at that list again.
Four hotels and one club.
That’s half of the list. Come on @Nosaaaa

I also think if we can get data on the times of visit to these places, we’ll get a better understanding too


Yeah but i believe a lot of people use the family & friends card/call for airport dropoff/pickup.


exactly my thought. the data does not indicate higher usage of uber by females. so can u guys stop with the pointless inferences at aristo babes or kpanshing (btw i cant believe people still use that word, its so dated)

My analysis, is Uber is used mainly for social activities. This is inclusive of shopping centres, which serves as a social arena in Lagos. How many people are truly shopping in ICM or these other malls? i don’t mean walking into shoprite to buy a few things.

The truth is uber is targeted at a certain demographic and age bracket at the moment. It can easily appeal to other SECs provided they find it easy to use.

  1. save money
  2. save the enviroment. i.e. both of you would have been in separate cars causing more Co2 emission to the environment.


do ride sharing services drop you at your exact location or in the vicinity?


hmmn… they mostly pair you with someone going in the same direction as you, so your location most likely.


“most likely” or for sure?

If I’m going to Fola Osibo, am I hoping for a guy going to Lekki or a guy going to Fola Osibo?


i choose those word deliberately cant say absolutely that is the case. have tried one down hear but that’s how it works in the Big Apple.


you are making ignorant inferences. Where did you see females mentioned in that list? men don’t go to hotels or malls right? hotels does not equal sex or runs. Are you aware weddings, concerts are held on hotel premises? i guess not


Without hard data, either of you can be accused of making ignorant conclusions.

The least anyone can do is provide an anecdote from someone who works in a hotel explaining what the predominant activity there is. I only go to hotels for conferences, holidays, or layovers but I’m just a sample size of one so I can’t draw a conclusion.


@techscorpion Thanks for asking this question on the AMA session with an Uber Partner.

Even though the response was mostly for Abuja, I don’t expect any less of that rough estimate for Lagos consumers so I’d just quote the response here for future readers.


You are welcome mate.

I guess you now have some anecdotal information to support your rather controversial conclusion :slight_smile:


i was about to say your analysis has finally been vindicated :smile: