The Prospects of IoT (Internet of things) in Nigeria


I have been interviewing various people and Companies in Nigeria on the prospects of IoT in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Also a related discussion was put together at the Lagos Ministry of Science and Technology

Please can we share our thoughts on the prospects of IoT in Nigeria and Africa as a whole?



Thanks for this insight on IoT.

The potentials are easy to see from the info-graphics.

This was a good reference for a recent post on WeChat



IoT makes sense when internet access and power supply is pretty much guaranteed.

We know that’s not the case in Africa.

I expect it makes sense in many business contexts, because there’s kobo and naira on the line and adoption can affect bottom-line.

It may be a little while still before the internet and constant power are so ubiquitous that IoT adoption by the general African public is a negligible barrier.


It is true power and internet might appear to be major issues, but there are still areas we can apply IoT in solving Nigerian problems.

Like take for example traffic issues in Lagos, I am not sure if I have ever seen any Traffic light in Lagos go off due to power though I am not completely sure of the power source and also there are reasonably good internet coverage in Lagos.
we can start including the connected cars concept by GSMA.

Cars will be connected through the internet to a backend, sensors will be on major roads, street lights, traffic lights.

Parameters like Car movement, speeds, nearness to each other etc could be used to study, manage and predict Traffic Jams such that people could be advised by Mobile App or SMS depending on their instant locations/routes.

This will disrupt the conventional methods of calling into radio stations and uploading updates to portals etc.

It will be of use in collaboration with FRSC and LASTMA.

IoT will also help insurance companies get better profits on their car insurance policies.

Any thoughts on this direction?


What are your thoughts on Healhcare IoT In Nigeria for remotely monitoring patients via sensors, mobile and web apps. Apart from connectivity what other challenges do you think it might encounter.


Prospects are huge. I’ve multiple ideas for IOT use cases in healthcare and contacts in foreign markets to help push it. So if anyone is interested do get in touch.


With our NetPremise device that uses data over power technology, any surface that has electrical wiring and a socket can be converted into a data reception area. It makes wireless surveillance in places like traffic lights on the streets easier. Think of what you can do when you have data passing through any infrastructure. Definitely in line with IoT concept.


Very Interesting to see this Discussion thread resurrect after 11 months, It means Nigeria is getting ready for IoT.
I have been building communities, running Masterclasses and Conferences with regards to IoT. My conference is perhaps one of the first IoT focused Conference in Nigeria/Africa
@Ko_Cee adoption, integration with already existing systems, awareness, cost, those for now are key issues, i dont see connectivity as any issue for now.
@docneto ideas for IoT are limitless, wats important is to solve a peculiar people’s problem on IoT, we could all meet up to discuss and explore the untapped IoT space

@vnts I am actually excited at NetPremise device, I will like to know more

We all need to come together to explore the IoT Ecosystem which is still virgin as IoT is one of the biggest Tech of this age.


Very valid points but I think connectivity should be number one because hey this is Nigeria and two how will you raise awareness and increase adoption of a system that works with a strong internet connectivity if there isn’t any.


I am writing a masters thesis on Healthcare IoT. Its still in the infant stages but I think the research will be useful.


@Ko_Cee Good to know you thesis is on IoT for healthcare, would love to help, please in which of the Universities are studying and what academic program are you running.

I dont know of any IoT definition that connotes IoT with Internet Speed if thats what you are referring to.

There various cales of IoT applications in terms of connectivity requirements, there are some applications that might require data transactions in Kb per sec, hence a 2G connection might work.
Some IoT applications might rum on local premise networks based on requirements or security, all you required might be low range radio transmittters.

Moreover Glo, Smile, MTN , Swift etc have all launched their 4G LTE in Nigeria .



University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
Digital Electronics
Well yeah that’s true. But how many people will be able to afford it. And when will it get to the rural areas. In fact saying “rural” is far. When will it get to places like Nsukka. Anyway my work isn’t focused on connectivity, security or privacy. I’m more concerned with user experience and acceptance.


WOOOW! @Ko_Cee my Alma mater and my department, is Prof Ani your supervisor, considering running a one day awareness conference in UNN before the end of this year, lets work towards it. shot me an email: david[AT]disruptiveafricaexpo[DOT]com lets talk more


Greatest lions & lioness (Can’t believe I’m saying this). I usually feel too cool to do so.
I’m a UNN alumnus (Unec, Law). Did my LLM in Information Technology and Intellectual Property.

NetPremise is designed like a wall adapter but the innovation is that it is a Router, Access Point and Powerline Extender all in one. So you can either use it directly with a PoE as a core ISP router, or connect via RG45 cable to your router’s ethernet port and use other NetPremise devices to keep extending the network wherever you have weak signals. To know more visit: and

Our next device is 4G LTE enabled and also supports the IoT concept. To be launched later this month or early November. I agree that IoT does not require internet speed but it sure makes it more effective. However remember that whatever technology you come up with, if your target is Africa then make sure that it also works with 2G. Most parts of Africa are not 3G or 4G enabled. This applies to IoT applications.

All the best in your Masters programme @Ko_Cee


Hi @vnts please hit me an email lets talk info AT disruptiveafricaexpo DOT com


Good day,
I was going through the internet for my research on “Investigating Nigerias devices and applications preparedness for the internet of everything” when i came across your page and found out about net premise. I am currently in my final year at covenant university, studying computer engineering. i want to get in touch. is my mail.
Thank you in advance for your help. i hope to hear from you soon.