The men from A.C.E., Tunde and Ercin, are coming to the Radar; Bring your questions!


Tunde Kehinde and Ercin Eksin are the co-founders of Africa Courier Express (A.C.E.) a two 2 year old startup that is rapidly growing in the logistics and courier services industry. The tech industry buffs will recognise that both men are former executives of Jumia. From former Jumia executives to founders of their own startup which is plugging a hole in the ecommerce demand and supply chain, what was the transition like? This Thursday, 27th August, Tunde and Ercin will be here for an AMA session. Tell Siri to clear your calendar.


I am new here, where is the venue or is it going to be online. i dont know where Techcabal is located in lagos. Thanks.


This is TechCabal

It’s Africa’s biggest Tech blog. They own Radar. The AMA is going to happen here on Thursday. Here, read up