THE FUTURE OF WORK (A must read for entrepreneurs)


Paul is a young freelance developer, just starting his software development company. One important things amongst others that he urgently needs now is a place to work from and to meet with clients formally. Paul needs an office facility! He was at the guys’ hangout on Friday night when he overheard the guys talking about one buzzing co-working space and he decided he’ll check it out.

Ibukun runs an online marketplace for her fast-growing fashion store. Orders are coming in, mails are dropping at every interval, so she needs to constantly be online and available to respond. She needs a space, a facility with reliable internet speed to work smoothly.

Ngozi is a stay-at-home working mum with two kids, she does freelance writing and editing. Usually once she drops the kids off at school in the morning, she has the house to herself to work. However, there are some distractions she cannot avoid – the TV, Africa Magic especially. She needs a place where she can concentrate more on work with little or no distractions.

All three citations above, sums up the struggles of an average Nigerian entrepreneur … (the first example perfectly describes me).
I am that normal 21st century Nigerian entrepreneur that believes a generator, internet and my PC was all i needed to make my next six (6) figures like my fellow campers in here until 9ja wahala of fuel scarcity, SARS and the likes started hunting my life.

It so affected my business to the extent that hunger became my roommate. I had to get a solution fast or risk loosing the few clients i had left to inconsistency and poor delivery.
And then, my friend and i got talking about co work spaces plus the tons of values they offer to growing entrepreneurs like myself ( God bless you chike).

Like an agbero chasing after a yellow bus conductor for his dues,I googled the closest and most affordable one i could get on the mainland (since my akkant don red finish) and Ee SPACE popped up.
Men i rushed down there like my whole life depended on it to try out one day pass just to confirm if all that i saw was true… My brother, that thought was 2 months ago o as i’m presently enjoying life working from there ever since.


The deal here is, As an entrepreneur, If co working spaces has come to stay with the idea of covering light, internet, virtual office address, conference rooms etc. while you just walk in and subscribe to any plan that suits you in order to enjoy all these tons of value, see ehn… you have little or no excuse not to launch out that dream and take that small business of yours to the next level my brother.
These guys have literally taken off a lot of burden from start ups to ensure we launch out full time.
With Grants and Angel investors flying all around these days, Social Media, content marketing and ads for cost effective branding,
Without a single doubt in my heart, this era will pass as the best time ever for any entrepreneurs (my opinion).


1.What do you guys think about the rise of co working spaces in Lagos?
2. Is this truly the future of work?
3.Judging from the tons of value i.e cost of location, furnishing,internet,electricity etc. these guys are providing, can we say It’s a threat to personal office ownership?

Let’s hear your view below
CAPTION: My office mood this morning at Ee SPACE


Your story is too long!
The idea of co-working is countless everywhere in the world… Just that na now Nigerians eyes dey open to it.
However, its a starting point for entrepreneur but I certainly hate the open-type of co-working where other party is starring at your head and work. If private room is affordable + the features that come with it then its a good one.
The classroom style of co-working is a poor approach to it… yahoo yahoo boys may jump at it soon…
stay bless


Lols @crescentstory is too long …Many thanks for reading up anyways and i totally understand your point… Well, there are private cubicle spaces here in eeSPACE… (you can check for more) were i work from and i’m pretty sure it’s a sure answer to the yahoo boiz scare… How ever, na when person wake up , na him morning reach… Since we’ere just embracing the idea of co work space at this point… I think it’s a step towards the right direction and would do us a lot of good…