TechCabal's focus on newsletters and digests, instead of full blog posts


Can’t stop laughing after reading this sentence. Guy you wicked. :joy: :joy:

Banky and Seyi are up to something. Chilax.


I love Techcabal and more recently their daily Newsletter. It’s really the best thing so far in African Tech media. I read a lot of cynicism and sarcasm from people here who have no freaking idea what it means to curate/create this content. It takes a lot of hard work to pull this kind of thing off.

I would advise @lordbanks to introduce a flat subscriptions for the daily newsletter. People who find it valuable like me won’t have any issues paying for it. I personally would be fine paying $2/month to receive high quality news letter like this one.


One good thing TC newsletter has is its power of context. Each story is written with a perspective that makes for easy digestion.

When @sprime discussed the article idea with me, we both agreed that contextually written summaries is one of the most powerful feature any newsletter with viral hook must have.

By the way, this does not totally explain why they “abandoned” publishing to their website.


Random UPDATE: Business opportunity

Curating a newsletter could be the next best thing instead of owning your blog…and it could be an opportunity to make money, grow your brand as a subject matter expert etc.

For inspiration, I recently stumbled on Calanis’ Project called he is building an empire of curated newsletters that cover specific niches.

"We believe there is a billion dollar opportunity in ________________."

for me TC is loosing it. I feel there is a battle to get money on the table for investors. Look at Techpoint, with several innovations. Forget fancy, wake up or the are gone.