"We believe there is a billion dollar opportunity in ________________."


Fill in the blank in this statement:

“We believe there is a billion dollar opportunity in ________________.”

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Being the EFCC Chairman.


Birth control.

Anecdotally, close to 95% of Nigerian women are not on any reliable form of birth control.

Abortions are the primary form of birth control for Nigerian women yet abortions are illegal in Nigeria.

The most commonly available form of contraception available is emergency contraception not the regular contraception.

Nigeria has an average birth rate of 5 children per woman and school fees increase an average of 3% or more each year.

Not a rocket scientist but…


The problem with birth control in Nigeria is not that people are ignorant about their availability & function, but that people are reluctant to use any. That’s what I think, anyways.

I think that award goes to condoms.
You can’t ignore the work Gold Circle has been doing since 19-whatever.

Aren’t abortions more about birth avoidance than birth control? :thinking:

Condoms are the most available…and cheapest.


Reality TV as a tool in driving socioeconomic change.

For e.g., using reality TV to drive Financial Inclusion and/or Universal Health Coverage.

Just imagine the BBN craze


mobile internet commerce


Blockchain-enabled micropayments for content.


Pls, Explain…


I would invest in a company that is ready to provide “very affordable” birth control and the right amount of awareness…


I mean, this is probably obvious. Most farm produce in the north never really makes it to the cities because of spoilage. One number last year put the yearly spoilage of Tomato at over 600k tons.
The biggest problem for these farmers remains storage and logistics. The average government secondary school student in Taraba probably has a farm with more produce he can consume. Let’s call our student Baby Boy.
Baby Boy will sell his basket of tomatoes for as low as N300 while you end up selling in Lagos for up to 1200 naira at a wholesale Market like Mile 12.
A bag of onions will sell for as low as 1,500 in the North, and up to 8K in Lagos.
So much to reap without even lifting a hoe. If Dangote decides to focus on his 5000 trucks, Alhaji go still dey alright. Scale.
So much to reap without even sowing a single seed.


I deliberately excluded condoms from this discussion because while condoms are a form of birth control, their use is primarily controlled by men not women. Yes, there are female condoms, but they are extremely cumbersome to use, have a lower protection rate, and who even uses them tbh?


Smart Manufacturing.


Tourism & Hospitality.


Very true. Looking into that as a small company, but it’s still based on Orders from desiring customers.

Our strategy is to provide convenience at lower costs, so we buy from the farm directly (Plateau, Bauchi, Kaduna).

Your suggestions would be awesome sir (praediumlocus@gmail.com)



Please can you talk more about this space


The most important thing to note here is anecdotally which more or less means your personal experience.

you are conflating women empowerment (which is desirable, crucial and important) with what a billion dollar opportunity is. Though birth control is an integral part of women empowerment.


Contraception is one of the areas we’ve considered focusing our efforts on in a product we’re building: http://wellapatient.com It’s, however, a tricky enough market to access and develop for many reasons. We’ve put it on the backburner as a result.

One such reason is the percentage of non-contraception use. Your anecdotal figure of 95% is rather exaggerated. This report here (PDF), on an intervention on the matter, suggests baseline non-contraceptive use rates of approx 38 - 64% in southern/ central Nigeria, 73 - 92% in Northern areas. There are clearly cultural reasons why this is the case. These same reasons make the market quite tricky to access.

To complete the original statement, my team and I believe there is a billion dollar opportunity in chronic disease care. It is already a multi-billion dollar industry in the west and east and is slowly but surely making its way to Nigeria and Africa.


Food: Mama Put food franchise or Jollof Rice franchise.


Not an enthusiast in the space or anything, but based on trends and the influx of tourists in the region (‘Region’ being Africa), it’s a lucrative opportunity. However, as you can imagine, it’s capital intensive, so it’s not something anyone can just dive into.

But basically; Hotels, Resorts, amusement parks, and even just renovation of sites that already exist are all part of the equation.


Well organized Nigeria Football League.