Techcabal Redesign


Recently visited the Techcabal website after a long time, found it has new template/design but couldn’t help but notice the similarity of the new design with that of Techcrunch. But sorry to say i think the site still looks a bit off/clumsy. I’m not some sought of UI/UX expert but i think the site still needs some little a


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the hypocrisy i found among you techies in Nigeria is very surprising

you guys go all way criticising Nairaland, how outdated and in fact some of you went on to redesign your dream Nairaland. Some of you even went as far as abusing the founder.

A User criticises Techcabal, you went crazy.

welldone sir.


Where are the issues you see with the design? What can we handle better?


Maybe the new TC design needs getting used to.

I remember when Techcrunch launched the beta version. I got a mail as one of the first users and thought their previous design was better.

For TC I suppose the design was prompted by the need to give more real estate to their content…and also ads.

But I honestly think the previous design is just a classic.


I totally agree with @spokentwice


I am more of the opinion that the new site is designed to better convert and engage readers. As a business, one needs to make sure users convert else the pockets will go dry.

Like @spokentwice said, it allows for more types of content and ads, but why it allows for this is also important. If you create value you should be able to survive off that value, that is what this new TC site does, it helps them capture the value they create on the site.

Having said that, it does take some getting use to like that new beat :wink:.


Yeah, definitely give the new design time. The old one was classic but e don tire. We were tired of looking at it ourselves. A lot of thought has also gone into the new design. Beyond allowing us to different sponsored content from our content better, we also integrated the daily newsletter directly into the site, rethought our categories and worked to make it easier to navigate and find old content. Also important to note that the new design isn’t a finished product. We’re continuing to tweak as we get feedback and work with it ourselves. So if there are specific things you think could be better, do let us know.

Lol @…and also ads. They’re fighting me internally as well, but writers and pretty pixels must be paid for somehow. :sweat_smile:


It will be nice to have a breakdown of the new design like we’ve seen for the likes of The Verge 3.0 and Tech Crunch. And is it on the new Formation platform that was introduced last year for Zikoko?