TechCabal Obituary thread


With the TechCabal blog descending into a 100% sponsored post feed, and Radar only having one or two posts per day, it is now safe to say that the cabal is well and truly dead. This obituary thread is for the lurking users to pass by and pay their last respects to this site. Come one, come all, and share your favorite moments from TechCabal / Radar as she rides into the sunset.

RIP TC. You will be missed.


This is sad because I visit TechCabal every single day only to discover that the only updates are from advertisers.

what’s happening here? I think Techcabal should invest in recruiting staff writers.




Bros, this thing is dead. Pass your tribute and move on


One way to login is to do forgot password /password reset. This will bypass the IP thing temporarily.


RIP Radar/Techcabal. Fun times. It was good whilst it lasted.

Now, only if there was a way to delete one’s account. Alas the profiles here are condemned to a meandering existence in purgatory until the mods decide to do the right thing and take the entire, now stale forum down.


This is sad but I get it. Wise decision. Let us know when the new phase begins (you must have something planned right?. Salute.


TechCabal isn’t dead. It’s a Forum and a Website, both are still online and new content still get published even if not what we want.


How many tech savvy people do we have in Nigeria>? since this forum is a technology driven one, you can not expect more users or traffic than what they currently have… users here are still under 5 digit in thousands…
I wonder what you want them to post other than advert to pay for servers.


But that’s why it’s dead. You can’t have a website based on advertising model with less than 10k people


and no one is talking about The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal here… RIP Radar


Inna Lilahi wa inna ilehi rajiun…




Since they are here to make money, I think it’s okay to have some sponsored contents. But too much of it is really not a good idea. My fear is that, visitors will begin to lose interest and look for better alternatives. Having too much sponsored posts is making the site to look like a billboard… I pray this doesn’t affect them in the long run.


Do you think it is easy to generate income without those sponsored posts?