Swiftcheckup: A Digital Platform Simplifying Access to Preventive Healthcare


Hello people, it’s been quite a long time I posted here. I’m Okechukwu Amako, a licensed and practising medical doctor and a digital health innovator. I worked at Kangpe, now Reliance HMO, briefly before joining another digital health company called Swiftcheckup as it’s product development and innovation strategist.

For the past 11 months we have been building a digital platform to simplify access to the components of preventive healthcare in Nigeria and Africa: a platform (mobile app and website) to chat (consult) licensed and verified practising medical doctors and dentists in real-time and get personalized expert health advice and education from them from the comfort of your smartphone anywhere and anytime for a very small fee; book important blood tests that don’t require a doctor’s prescription like your blood group and haemoglobin genotype (to know whether you are AA, AS or SS) from our partner medical labs (feature coming soon); schedule a hospital appointment in our partner hospitals, with the right doctor in person if one’s health issue requires physical medical evaluation and treatment after the initial virtual interaction on the platform (feature coming soon). There are other features we plan to roll out, with time, to make accessing preventive healthcare a mainstream thing among Nigerians.

You can download our Android mobile app here and register to try it out. You get one free health consultation with a doctor of your choice as a new user. Feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks.