SWIFT responds to Don Jazzy's ‘Flobyt’ with free WiFi service


See image below, what are your thoughts?

EDIT: text below:


I am pleased to inform you of a free broadband Wi-Fi service being piloted by our company to our esteemed customers and the traveling public under the sub-brand name of “RED CHEETAH”. RED CHEETAH will be completely free of charge to the subscriber and will have no download limits. It will require no modem to be accessed in public spaces and can be accessed via any Wi-Fi-enabled device like smartphones, tablets, laptops, et cetera.

RED CHEETAH is supported by some corporate sponsors to keep Nigerians connected to the fastest and highest quality broadband access that will enable them to continue to achieve more, wherever they are. Accordingly, subscribers to this service will periodically be required to view advertisement messages from the various sponsors who have made this service free.

The first deployment of the RED CHEETAH service went live today at the Murtala Mohammed Airport terminal 2 (MMA2). I therefore encourage you, your family members, friends and associates who use this terminal to login via the “RED CHEETAH” signal, complete the simple registration process and get online in seconds. Other locations are already being planned and will be communicated to you as they become available.

I thank you for your attention and hope that you will try out this great service and be generous with your feedback so that we could continue to fine-tune it to your delight.

Yours Sincerely,


So that’s what it took to get WiFi into that damned airport? Very what? Very good.


I have been thrilled by the idea of offering free WiFi for a long time (I have a draft post about this concept, sitting in my hard drive for months now. I will hopefully click publish on it soon :slight_smile: .

While putting free wiFi is not a new fad (banks are doing that already), I believe the biggest traction is hooking up the service with the transportation sector.

Let me give a good example. 16 million people are using BRT services in Lagos. At the park, the wait time is about 60 minutes and average travel time is 30 minutes. That gives them 90 minutes of free wiFi (and marketing reach for Swift or Flobyt). Same can be done with Uber or any car hailing services.

I think the idea of the free economy business model is interesting.


So, I published my thought here on what Flobyt is doing right and the free WiFi Strategy. The gist is there.


Great challenger fobyt indeed.