Social (Media) Democratic Party


The main difference between having this ‘conversation’ in private compared to publicly is that it would have been beneficial to hear all the viewpoints - even those in different directions. Remember this is supposed to be a political movement, which means it pays to be (or appear to be) transparent and open especially at this early stage.


So, what is the latest about this our online party thing? Any result so far?

I hate to be right about my Insinuations on this project sha. I will really love for this to work out fine, as skeptical as I was about it.


Just saw this thread. Similar to something I’m working on although a bit different. Check out the Nawo project. Comments and help welcome. No donations though. Still doing this pro-bono


@Ogunleye_Damilare It is a great idea. But, as @PapaOlabode said. Hailing and bashing on social media does not count as votes.

Will online politicians go out to the streets, eat corn by the roadside, drink ‘shayo’ with real-life voters who will shed their blood to protect ballot boxes?

We have old masters, who cant seem to survive outside corridors of power, in Nigerian politics. Are we daring enough to face these ‘desperados’?


I know you were not trying to be right.

I really would like to say, there were a multitude of reasons why this never took off.

But the chief reason would be me; I have been extremely distracted. Running a business full time and trying to start off a non-profit at the same time is really meant for the very strong-willed. I am not sure I have qualified to that cadre yet. So maybe it was an idea DOA.

Nonetheless, grateful that this helped me make some friends in real life!

Lastly, there are current alterations of this idea that are in the works and of which I am privy to, albeit in advisory capacity. The way Nigeria’s political earth is shifting under her, and with the waning influence of some of the country’s most powerful cartel, I am confident something has to give, either in '19 or '23 that will give way for the full realisation of the idea. Or maybe it’s just a hopeful consolation for not pursuing it. :slight_smile:


How many drafts of this reply did you have to bin? Sure, can’t be this self deprecating on default. Very un-Nigerian.



Lol. Bin Reply on Radar?

Do people really take themselves that seriously? Admittedly, I did make one edit after posting, and it was either for a conjunction or punctuation.

P.S> @lordbanks: That may be a potential feature. “Revert to”, similar to what you can do on Pages, and “edit history”, so you can undo or redo.


Hello, let’s talk about this inbox.
Kind Regards.


I think this is truly sad, as it is symptomatic of why things have never improved in Nigeria: Those who could make a difference are too busy trying to survive the system.

I understand.

But I am sad and angry that I was right.

On the flip side, If I decide to takeover the development of this thing in conjunction with the noma guy, can you turn over whatever you have done so far, including the team of people on the project?


I understand your frustration. However, you misconstrue my personality.

Somehow, I sense you heap an unrealistic expectation on me. I am not an activist, please follow the thread closely. I shared a thought, and as a result, the responsibility to chaperone it was thrust to me. On that, I didn’t deliver.

I guess we both have different understandings of impact. What you call “survival”, is me trying to make an impact in what I know how to do best; running a business. When it becomes a successful business, the reward can come in handy for funding an online Democratic Party or Nawo project or any variation. Albeit, I digress.

I can add you to a slack channel that documents all the progress we made. You can see all the team members there. I don’t have the power to hand them over. You would need to make a pitch all over again to them and see who buys into it.

I like Nawo’s MVP. I see he still needs more developers at the moment. I am available to contribute at any point a non-developer input is required.



*Please do kindly provide your e-mail address for the slack channel.