Sling V2 - Send SMS using live phones at cheap rate


After all futile efforts in searching for a solution to failed SMS delivery to Airtel and Etisalat DND numbers, we at Sling SMS decided to build one; Send SMS using live phones!

So far, we can send SMS using GLO and Airtel sim cards to ALL NUMBERS IN NIGERIA.
Our Pricing is 2 Naira per SMS and cheaper for bulk purchase.
You can use our Shared Numbers or host your Dedicated Number at a cheap rate.
Click here to test our system.

Over to receiving SMS. You can receive all SMS sent to your dedicated number or SMS sent to our shared number using keywords through your API.

Note: We can host any SIM Card of your choice. But our sending pricing only applies to AIRTEL AND GLO sim cards only.

Send me a mail at if you need any information or have a suggestion.