Sketchy Pub - Custom Hand Drawn Profile Avatars


Constantly inundated with requests of “Can you draw me?” so I made Sketchy Pub - an easy request site for anyone to get a hand-drawn custom avatar from me just by submitting a photo.

Turn around is three days flat, and I deliver a high resolution illustrated avatar to your email.

Pay in Naira (via Paystack), Dollars (via Stripe), Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin (via Coinbase).

Yes, the name is a pun.

Feedback is always welcome.

How to Create a Cartoon Avatar Profile Image

Lovely site. Unique service. I’ll definitely recommend it.

May I suggest replacing the “Stripe”, “Coinbase”, and “Paystack” copy with

  1. US Dollars ($)
  2. Bitcoin (₿)
  3. Nigerian Naira (₦)

Some of the people that may land there may have no idea what either of the current three payment options mean.

Good luck and all the best.


I put the names of the payment methods to inspire confidence and security. I know people can be skittish about paying on the internet.

Good point about people not being familiar so I’ll figure out how to point out the currencies as well.


I don’t know if it’s possible to just put payment powered by [then maybe list the payment processors + logo if they allow it] and leave the first part as scorpion suggested.

Just my opinion tho!


Just charge me in Naira


What does this mean?

The ability to pay in Naira is right there.

Paystack doesn’t charge in any other currency but Naira.


How much am I to pay in Naira? I can only see $35


You pay whatever $35 currently is in Naira.

Naira fluctuates more wildly than Dollar, so considering that art is something that people from other countries buy from me, not just Nigerians, it makes sense to list the price in the most stable currency that most people can quickly convert from mentally. - USD.


Good product sugabelly.

As an aside, do note that sharing your product here is for collecting feedback on what you can do to improve it, and not to advertise it and get more users.

Thank you for sharing Sketchy Pub with us :slight_smile: