Shared USSD service for developers


Hi Radar folks,

Would you be interested in a shared USSD service? You get your own service code in this type of format:

  • ABC * 123 # to access your service menu.

There is a small one off integration fee and ongoing standard per session billing.




What are the use cases?


If you are building a simple product for the mass market, you may want to consider USSD as your lowest common denominator distribution channel.


Can you give an example scenario with an already existing product?


Can it be used to receive payments?


I would be interested in this product. Particularly if the rev share is not crazy :slight_smile: We would introduce Paylater loans via USSD


How much is the cost? thats the koko.


etisalat launched kwikcash which is loans accessed via ussd… you should consider it for paylater also.


Can a travel agency use it for payments such that using the code connects to a person’s bank account and so instead if using debit card, one could simply use USSD code like buying airtime using *737#


What would the cost implications be? You could DM me. Thanks!


Doesnt AfricasTalking offer something similar?


Thanks… will look it up. I appreciate the response.


I think so. They were at DevFest SW talking about something like that.


I’m interested.