Share a selfie with someone miles apart?


Its great to to back here after a long break. Offline hustle no easy. Happy new year to you all.

So last week, Facebook notified me of a Friendiversary video with a friend who stays in another state. I haven’t seen him since graduation, so our Facebook video was very impersonal mostly showing pictures we were tagged in. Distance created that problem.

This got me thinking. Is there a way to ensure people have pictures (selfies) of themselves despite being states, countries and continents apart?

Imagine an app that enables 2 or more people take wonderful selfies without using the same phone.

I checked online and couldn’t find something similar (but you can’t be too sure right?).

So basically the “Selfie App” (possible with a social network embedded) will allow you to take a selfie using a picture templates (with 2 or more picture slots) and sending same template to the other party via the app or other messaging apps. This person gets a picture template with a well angled photo of his/her friend, but with a space for him/her to take a picture angling it carefully so he/she fits into the 2nd picture slot in the template. After angling the well, what you’ll have is a selfie from 2 people far apart. If a angled properly user will be able to kiss and embrace themselves without actually seeing.

This is a thought that came to mind. So if you have the resources, you can develop. If I can’t win, I should help another break the record.


What about their respective backgrounds?.. the pictures will have different backgrounds, and will end up looking like a photo collage


Users will try as much as possible to choose the right template that suits them and try to fit themselves within that picture space. E.g fit themselves inside that dark part.


So…white background for all pictures or you can choose templates with popular scenery


Since Snapchat is able to detect your head and put flowers on it, this one could also detect the outlines of the person nd cut them out. So, instead of using already cut-out backgrounds, you could have pictures of two people in a void, then they chose what background they want… everyone’s body structure is not the same you know…


Nice input!


What if we DON’T make this app?


With the latest development in the world of app programming, it is possible to develop this app…

First to tackle the background issue, the app will need to have a feature that will enable removing the background from each person (We have seen many apps that can do this).

Second, the app will have to work in form of social network (where the two persons involved MUST be friends)

Thirdly, once one person initiates the “double-selfie”, the app will have to prompt the user to select the other person(s) that he/she wants to snap picture with and a request will be sent to that person.

That person should have the option to “accept” or “decline” the request.

Finally, the app should have the background template which should replace the original background being removed. And the other person too must acknowledge the background before the picture can finally be saved…

That’s one way…

Another way:

The app can work using overlay effect or parallax effect (as the case may be) where each persons can simply upload a pix from their gallery and it fit in (but this is more like collage)…

The only thing that is giving me concern is synchronization (if that’s the right term)… How the two persons will be perfectly fit…

I love this challenge… and it got me thinking…:grin:


If it solves a problem, why shouldn’t it be made?


I like you thinking. You’re a potential cofounder :grinning::clap:


Does it really solve a problem? Or is it just another thing that might be fun to do with your phone’s camera for two days before it gets boring?

Also, can we continue this conversation with just questions? :grinning:


After you launch, it shows up on Techcrunch that Snapchat has a new filter that lets you do that… what next?


Can we? :grinning: One thing I’ve learnt from watching web and mobile apps is that not all them solves problems, some are plain stupid but users found usefulness with them. If the cost of implementation won’t be huge, its worth the time. Or won’t it? :grinning:


It will mean the app is a trailblazer, setting the pace for the big fish :grinning:


Who ‘trailblazer’ don help? Might give you currency with VC though!


Any questions? :grinning:


Wait, what?



What if you keep this thought to yourself? You aren’t the arbiter of what should or shouldn’t be made.



a person empowered to decide matters at issue; judge; umpire.
a person who has the sole or absolute power of judging or determining.

You acknowledge that I only shared a thought and yet imply that i’m acting as an arbiter. :confused: