Salary survey


Hi everyone, I think quite a number of us have been in this situation: you’ve interviewed for a new job, things are going well, and now you have to have the salary discussion. How do you know how much to ask for? (I’m actually curious, please respond below if you have a strategy that works for you.) I usually check on Glassdoor or Payscale but those don’t really work for Nigerian companies, as far as I know.

In any case, I made this form to sort of help get a benchmark for salaries for different job roles/industries/years of experience.

The results will be visualized and displayed later at* and hopefully help a couple of people the next time they have to have the salary discussion.

P.S. It’s been updated to be an anonymous form, so I won’t see any personally identifying info from you.

Happy holidays!


Salary averages are here:
Please let me know if anything is confusing, etc.


@aixen hi are you still working on this project? Ive been working on the same thing for a while and I actually naively thought i was the only person thinking of the idea lol. Might be worth working together. Holla at me pls


Hi Ace, the link is still up and running, but I haven’t plugged in the last 2 responses I got (because life got in the way :pensive:).
How are you approaching your own version of this? Happy to help if you need me to!

++ I should add that in the time since I put that up, I’ve discovered Airtable and I have plans to migrate to that (because it’s easier and more functional and once I set it up, it practically runs itself).


@aixen sorry for the late reply. Thats fantastic work you’ve done. I looked through some of your posts and you seem very good at what you do.

I’m relatively new to this forum, is there a way to reach you privately to talk further on?


Ah, you’re too kind, thanks! I’ve just you sent a private message…


Thanks and you’re welcome, i’ve just pm’d you…