Review needed: Media sale logo


Hi Radar peeps, please I need your reviews on this logo.

Here is the summary of the brief:
Product description: Sales of video footage
Target segment: Media houses, film & documentary makers, ads agencies.
Color: Make it pop and stand out in crowded space:
Style: Keep it simple and easy to memorize.


Number two (radar and 10 characters)


Number 3 is the best


Number 2 shines for me. :grin:


Number 2 of courseā€¦


Number 2 does it for me.


2 for me but no need of the top right icon or whatever you call it


I go with Number 2


Thanks guys, so #2 seems to be the preferred candidate so far.
Pls keep them reviews coming


I see your point cos the cart handle seem awkward, However, but this is exclusively an ecommerce product and they want to emphasize that. I have done a bit of modification to it though. So does this make it fluid?


Absolutely perfect. This is definitely good to go.


This one is cool. Good stuff.


number two is cool


2, but can you try a deeper red or another colour.