Radar AMA sessions are back: Ask Microtraction founder and Managing Partner, Yele Bademosi, anything - August 25th



We are bringing back our much beloved Radar AMA sessions, and as we mentioned a few days ago on social media, Yele Bademosi will be joining us on the 25th of this month at 2pm (WAT) to answer as many questions as he can before he runs out of steam.

For those who do not know who Yele Bademosi is, he is the founder and Managing Partner of Microtraction — an investment platform that funds early-stage startups in Africa with technical founders.

One interesting fact about Yele is that he was studying medicine at King’s College before dropping out to focus on tech entrepreneurship (see full announcement here).

There’s more to be said about Yele Bademosi, and you will find out from the man himself when you join us on the 25th with your questions. He will be coming on at 2pm (WAT) to answer them.

If you’d like us to send you a reminder a day or two before the event, let us know here.