Radar AMA Guidelines


Going forward everyone and anyone on Radar can start an AMA. As you do so, please follow the guidelines below. Any AMA that does not follow these guidelines will be removed.

  • AMAs should be about:

    • Something uncommon that plays a central role in your life.

      • The prime example of this is a person’s job; posts about someone’s occupation are almost always allowed. This rule exists because we want a person’s topic to be something that they know thoroughly and is important to them; this gives them more to discuss and a more thorough background in the field.
    • A truly interesting and unique event.

      • The quintessential example used for this is “I just built a life-sized robot.” It’s an activity that doesn’t play a central role in someone’s life but is so uncommon that the users would not have experiences of their own to relate to it.
  • All AMAs require proof. Proof of who you say you are and what you say you do. Proof should be included in the text of the post when you start your AMA. Proof can be a link to a post you shared via a verified media handle outside Radar or a picture of you showing your want to do an AMA. Also, update your profile information on Radar with your real name to ease verification.

  • Please limit yourself to one hour for each AMA, and one AMA per user, per topic, per 3 month period. If you are repeatedly submitting the same AMA every three months to promote your business, moderators reserve the right to remove the AMA. This is not your advertising platform.

  • AMAs should NOT be about:

    • Something you plan to do or are yet to complete. If what you want to talk about is not visibly working somewhere, please wait till you get it up and running.

    • Common topics. This includes Your day, your friend (boyfriend or girlfriend), being bored or drunk, weight loss, your opinion on something, your gender identity, your religion, or your psychiatric disorders, needing sympathy or support, etc.

    • Provocative topics. Stories about fetishes, abuse, addiction, relationships, sexual behaviours, sexuality, politics and other similar topics.

  • To do an AMA follow the following steps:

TITLE: "Hello fellow community members, I am XXX. Ask me anything." Feel free to elaborate and/or personalize. An example of this is "Hello, Radar community. I'm _________. I built a supercomputer to improve light outage interruptions and transport systems in Nairobi. I also like eating glover court suya in Lagos. Ask me anything :) ."

TEXT: This is the additional content/information that members will see once they enter the thread. Include promotional information, more details about who you are, etc. This is also a good place to put your proof (say a link to a Twitter or Facebook post with an image with a sign saying "Hi" or "Hello" to Radar, etc.)

  • Hit Create Topic and you are ready to go!

  • Feel free to share and publicise your AMA. Post it on the Radar events page, share on Twitter and tag @RadarbyTC and @TechCabal so we can help increase the reach of your post.

    • You can get Radar’s logo and colour code here to create a flyer for your AMA, and you can use our in-house Canva template as a template to create yours.
  • At the day and time for your AMA, open your AMA Radar post and start answering questions. Hopefully, there will be questions waiting for you.

    • When you see a question in the thread look directly below it and hit “reply”. That will allow you to answer that person’s question directly and your answer will fall directly below it.
    • Continue this process throughout the thread. You can answer whichever questions you like and you can ignore any that you don’t want to respond to.
  • Once you have completed your AMA you can hit the edit button underneath the initial post you used to start the AMA to leave a sign-off message.

This guideline is CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. It was adapted from Reddit’s AMA Guidelines, see here and here.

Radar Community Update 5