Public Procurement Documentation Platform


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I don’t know how many of us here know much about public procurement but I want to speak to those who are conversant with public procurement.

For those who don’t know: Public procurement is the process of bidding for a government job advertised on the tenders journal. There are several methods of bidding, there’s EOI (Expression of interest) which requires submitting a proposal and RFP (Request for proposal) which involves submitting a technical documentation alongside gateway documents and sometimes financial documentation.

Now that we are all up to speed, there are several private organisation in Nigeria who deal basically on public procurement and one crucial aspect of public procurement that always take time or cause delay in submission is putting together the documentation. The requirements from an MDA (Ministry, Department or Agency) vary, they are also in different order but always involve your organisation’s gateway document (PENCOM, ITF, NSITF, CAC, BPP etc).

Automation is one of the driving factors that enables efficiency and consistency and I believe automating the process of generating a tender document will improve the efficiency of companies when bidding. I have developed a platform that would help organisations prepare a documentation within 30 minutes with orderly arrangement, table of content, design, inclusion of logos, company profile, gateway documents and also enables collaboration between work groups or staff on a particular document. For example, staff A is working on company profile, staff B is working on consultant’s experience, staff C & D will work on curriculum vitae’s of staff, staff F is working on financials etc all collaborating on one document and when the work is done the document can easily be exported or printed.
This platform can also be used as a repository to save previous jobs, duplicate jobs, revisit previous submission and refer to previous submission all in the cloud.

I am bringing this idea here as a survey to find out the realities of using a platform like this. Will your organisation want to use something like this? and will your organisation be willing to pay to use a platform like this?

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@Eddy_Eddy do you know about You might consider partnering or discussing this opportunity with their team.

I might be able to make an intro if it’s helpful. BTW Tender’s CEO is also on Radar


That would be great.


Nice one with Would you mind tagging the CEO. The product would do nicely with a few tweaks.

For one Tender would do good if it were available on other channels apart from the web. Like via social media, where one can follow an entity and get updates on available Tenders, subscribe from there and enjoy their service.


This would be nice. But how you intend to reach and service the individuals who currently look for tenders would be what would make the difference.

The market is there, these government jobs are always there and people are always bidding, but an easier way to find these tenders would be nice, along with an easier and more automated service like you mentioned above.


Thats why I think the integration with would be a big plus. currently have all the tenders that come out every two weeks. Including this as a service add-on to already available system would allow users/customers to subscribe to receive notifications about bids, and then at a small fee prepare the documentation directly on and when they choose to do this, all the requirements and documents will all be created just awaiting the inclusion of the necessary documents from the user/customer.

For example, a bid is publicised and I choose to create the document on myself and I pay N500 to do this, when I start I can already see where to add my company details and logo and immediately it reflects on all pages where its needed in the bid document, the table of content is already generated, the slide pages to differentiate each page is created all that’s left is for my to upload my gateway certificate such as CAC certificate, ITF, COREN, NSITF etc and upload the text of my technicals which can be edited on the platform using the wysiwyg textures and then I upload my financials documentation including tables and I can also create more pages as I need. My document will be ready within minutes. To even enable further simplicity, the user can print only the slide pages differentiating each page and document separately if they wish to use a different color of paper like yellow or conqueror paper and then print the main document content separately with white paper.

This system can also be used as an in-house tool at currently have the option to “write my document for me”. When a user requests this service, a staff can easily use this document to generate the document easily.


Here is a link to a document generated using the system.