Programming is fun, PHP is bae, please visit my first project


They call me fatibobo, I just completed my first project as a programmer. It is a betting forum and the URL is I want to appeal to all the programmers in the house to please visit the site, explore it and give me feedback as I am new in programming. I started learning to code on the 17th of October 2017; it was a 10-week coding bootcamp here in Lagos (moat academy) and was my final project. I built it from the scratch using PHP, JAVASCRIPT, BOOTSTRAP, CSS/HTML and of course with some assistance from my instructors.
Before you criticize me please note that I did not study computer science, I am a graduate of Business Administration, so please be gentle with your criticism. The website’s GUI is very simple because of my target audience. Be sure to visit ‘betforum guidelines’ page so as to understand how the site works.
I am looking for a PHP team to work with so as to develop my skill further, I’m not really after the pay but what I stand to gain in terms of knowledge; Programming is fun, PHP is bae. So if you find my website attractive and you feel I will be useful to you and your team you can reach me on
For the Entrepreneurs in the house, has a lot of potentials, it is a forum for bettors and it has live-score features; all that is needed is a little push. If a little investment is made into the business you will start reaping in no time considering the fact that this is a world cup year and the site is a meeting ground for bettors and bookmakers (bookmakers like bet9ja, nairabet etc that would want to place adverts on it). I have some ideas already on how to grow the site, so if you are interested feel free to contact me on
God bless you guys.


This is brilliant.