PrognoStore requires 3 Software Engineers (Full Stack)


Software Engineer – Full Stack

PrognoStore is a cloud based Point-of-Sale, Inventory and Analytics software. It’s a 3-in-1 solution to help sell, track inventory and get insights to run small business. We have opportunities for 3 full-stack engineers who will create products that will delight our customers, integration partners, and your colleagues.

What you’ll do

You will work on the development of products for our customers, integration partners and our growth team.

Work with Product Management, Design, and Platform Engineering to design & implement new products, and features for our existing products.

What we look for

Passion and drive to change small business applications for the better
Comfortable working on both client-side and server-side development
Angular/React (optional)/JavaScript
Enterprise with Java
Experience with Spring MVC framework
Experience integrating UI testing tools / test automation frameworks

About PrognoStore

At PrognoStore we are using technology to simplify the running of small business to make it easier, less time consuming and more profitable. We believe small business owners are under-served. They are left to rely on outdated tools, inferior technology or worse – neglected. Of course it doesn’t have to be this way, and this is only the 1st phase of our mission to fix this problem. Solving it, promises to be an interesting but exciting journey.

We work fully remote and offer competitive salary with attractive benefits.

Interested in joining us? Please send link of anything you’ve built and proud of to

(BTW, of course feel free to DM me if you require further info/questions)


It has been a very long time you posted here. Most importantly, PrognoStore has been on the radar for quite a long time now. Is this part of growth hacking strategy?

Would it be possible to see what your product offers in real time?

I am part of a team that helps businesses develop a data analytics roadmap, including implementation. As such, I might be interested if you have a cheaper analytics framework. However, I have a feeling you might be redesigning the wheel but please ignore this, it’s only a personal opinion.


Lol, not a growth hacking strategy, we’ve just got a lot to do and need more hands to do it.

In anycase, thanks for looking out. But I’m not entirely clear what you mean by ‘implementing data analytics roadmap for teams’, can you pls explain?


Is Prognostore changing strategy?


No change at all. Strategy still aligns with our vision of working for small businesses. PrognoStore is essentially the building block (you can call it phase 1) for us to do so as it’s a tool for merchants/store owners to use everyday in their physical store. While there’s still an awful lot to do (tbh, it’s never-ending!), we’ve made sufficient progress that gives us confidence to progress to the next phase.

The next phase involves layering on PrognoStore to connect small businesses to other essentials like; processing their payments, hooking them to financing, getting them closer to their customers, etc.

So @king_namo pls if you know someone that knows someone that loves interesting and hard work…send this to them. Thx!


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