Producers and Consumers - End of The World


Hello , I’m juliet , and i’m a psychologist.

So I strongly believe the system running the world is not actually designed to make us fail. It probably keeps us balanced.

Here are my reasons:

Imagine every one became an inventor ,president,manufacturer,founder,manager and take up every relevant position at the top of the food chain. How would they really do it?

No Employees , No Growth
People with producer mindset do not tend to work under people for long so they end up as part time workers,if atall they have to work in the first place (for reasons of growing capital for their business) , and the part time working schedule is not fit for alot of companies that need full time employees to succeed ,given the fact that you can not even estimate when your part time employees would choose to tender their resignation letter or predict what situation the company might be facing at that time, to overcome this ,one must pre-recruit on time before such occurrences but this would be impossible because every one you wish to recruit wants to be the boss , therefore also looking to recruit workers.

Now imagine this for huge companies we rely on, such as Telecommunication,Internet ,Teleportation and Energy companies. They would not grow cause of poor maintenance

No Revenue , No Growth

Well, if everyone wanted to belong to the top, am pretty sure the idea of education would be meaningless, as this would be considered a business of its own , and since everyone needs to be a producer, they can not be a consumer of education when there re cheaper ways to attain same knowledge , But then these ways of attaining that knowledge might be impaired because those means have ran out of employees and would not be able to sustain itself, Meaning the sharing of knowledge itself would be a commodity for trade ,if one can not produce enough or even sell enough,one can not make enough revenue,which crashes the business, where would one get capital to even start the business or sustain one in the first place.

No Growth, Extinction

When no one is experiencing growth,everyone suffer(no health service,illiteracy,poor food production),everyone gets paranoid,everyone gets angry,violent and begins to kill,There is complete cognitive dissonance. No one would be able to survive the situation,because if you are succeeding, you are a competition to everyone else who would at the attempt of understanding how you survive ,Kill you or your business

I think the fact that not everyone cares to be on-top of the food chain is the only reason we are in balance.
The system has been intelligently designed to only allow those who deserve the top to be on top.

How do you know if you deserve to be on top and what layer?

There are traits of a subconscious level that helps us determine if we are going to be ontop or not .
These traits could be learned and cultivated also.

See you later…