Please Congratulate Me As I Announce My N1,000,000 Confirmed Commission On Jumia Affiliate Programme (10 Months)


It’s not been easy but with persistence and God’s Wisdom, I have been able to build a solid internet business from scratch with just $20 ( Domain Registration and Hosting).

I remember when I started this affiliate marketing journey in February 2015. I read Affiliate Marketing Master Course, the book that opened my eyes to World of affiliate marketing, how to get started with keywords research and coming with evergreen articles that make sales every month.

I also recall the day I registered the domain but was a bit skeptical on what model to use until @AdesojiAdegbulu advised me to create a blog and run with it.

Now this is the result 10 months down the line:

What is the best way to monetize a website?

What brand of cookies do you want? :grinning: Serious cash though :ok_hand:


Thanks Bro


Congrats man. It’s time to diversify :wink:


Congrats my Radiarian brotha, I wish u da very best. Keep on doing your thing and please make us all proud.


Thanks…Thinking about that.


Congratulations Man :tada::confetti_ball:. Please what’s the name of the book you read on SEO?


Congrats @ogechi_Daniel_ndukwe - good job. I’m sure invitations to the party are on the way - We should definitely celebrate, pop some (not 1) champagne :slight_smile:


Well Done dude! :clap:t6::clap::clap:t5::facepunch:t6::pizza::pizza::hotdog::fries::wine_glass::beer::beers:


Reminds me of this post:

Not because the idea is mediocre, but because it’s really all about execution.

Don’t get me wrong: ideas and thoughts are nice. They’re great. I always say “Ideas are shit, execution is the game.” And a lot of people get mad at me when I say that sometimes, because a great idea can be hard to come by.

And they’re not wrong.

But there are so many great ideas. So many of them. There are way less great executions.

Because execution is hard.

I’ve seen a hell of a lot of people execute on less than average ideas to build amazing lives. There are so many businesses making hundreds of thousands of dollars on totally mediocre ideas. You know what’s an average idea? A social and digital agency. That is a below average idea. But it worked. Because I executed on it, and I made it happen.


Congrats man, 10 months for 1M impressive.


congrats, @Ogechi_Daniel_Ndukwe, what book did you read on SEO, :pray: you tell book exactly


Well done sir! You should do a post explaining what you did right :slight_smile:


Chairman, we dey wait your SEO book list o


congratz boss. if i want to start Affiliate marketing with E-commerce site e.g jumia,konga. plz wat are the requirements?


Congrat Man!!!


A high traffic blog


Sir we are yet to get your response on regards SEO


This is amazing! Would love to feature you on the Everything Digital radio show-on beat fm & classic fm- holla back please!


Check your PM.