Payporte sponsoring bigbrother, hit or miss


I was talkng to someone the other day and I was saying the recession had hit hard and big brother naija didn’t find any headline sponsors.

And they brought to my attention that Payporte was a sponsor.

Do u guys think this is a smart move? I argued that… as burgeoning startup they needed to spend cash where there users are… Online. The cash could have been used to discount products and run a massive online user acquisition campaign.

I see they are trying to run some sort of house mate centered promo… But I don’t thnk it will work. In my opinion these kind of lofty ideas are quick ways to Bury a startup


@king_namo Wasn’t it the same mistake Konga made signing the Marvin squad, and PayWCapture branding 3rd mainland bridge ?, Prioritizing is a big mistake tech startups make in Marketing and Growth Hacking. Its okay to do some Brand awareness campaign, Efritin/Jiji Danfo bus advert are relatively cheaper brand awareness campaigns that i believe evidently had bigger results. I see no point signing up a celebrity or branding BB naija when you barely crawl on a DB of 50K users. Lets leave that to the Big dogs, while we prioritize Targeted marketing more.


Yudala is another company. Signed about four musicians as brand ambassadors. Its the stereotypical Agency media plan…Get some brand ambassadors, do some billboards. and so fort.

Untile a few years Jumia never spent outside google adsense and facebook. They mad sure they grew to number one in traffic first


I don’t think Yudala can be cleanly lumped into that group. Yudala is an offline store with online presence; its not your run-of-the-mill online-only e-commerce company.

No, I'm not associated with them in any way, other than walking into their stores to buy stuff.