Oyavote is a Nigerian polling web application


So we thought it could be helpful if we build an application where Nigerians can vote FOR or vote AGAINST government decision, policies and actions. And so doing, maybe we can put our voices in numbers and get the government to stop being selfish.

Find time to checkout https://oyavote.com



we vote, then what happens?


By voting, we can pressure the government to make a u-turn on policies that are not popular with the masses.


how exactly?

how does it go from a poll on your site to a house debate?


Thanks for asking.
Our answer is: Same way main stream media do by criticizing unpopular government policies on the pages of their newspaper.


mainstream media has the clout because its…mainstream.


You are right. Mainstream media have big clout because we read their papers. It’s you and I that gave them the big clout. And we’ll have bigger clout if we come together and vote.


I searched real hard for motivation to login/register before voting, sadly i couldn’t find one so i closed the tab . oops. I guess i preferred to click and leave.

Welcome to the Oya Clan bro.

Also you should change your radar user name from Oyavote to (your real name) Radar policies

Welcome to Radar.


Thanks for checking out the site. Someday, you’ll find the motivation to signup and vote. I believe a lot of people who couldn’t find the motivation to vote in 2015 may find the motivation to vote in 2019.


Funny enough its a good idea. Data gathering is something we don’t do ourselves but rather rely on foreign bodies.

Platforms like this will take off (If executed well) in an election year - Like 2019.


Nice one bro…I think most visitors will like to just click the vote button and leave.Perhaps you can make authorization with fb.

Also I wanna ask if you developed the website. I would like to build a giveaway site…something similar to what hotamala’s pivot some months back.

I’ll like to reach you or the developer.



Thanks M.O.O, I really appreciate. Data gathering is key and that’s the essence of the whole idea. What’s on the site is just a Minimum Viable Product.


Thanks bro. I can also build a version that will work without requiring signup. The present one was setup over the xmass weekend to get opinions and start pivoting. Ofcourse, I built it . . . your suggestions are received with thanks.


You mentioned voting on government policies. But what I saw there wasn’t a policy; it was about Buhari contesting in 2019.


Hello Diakon, you’re right. And I also mentioned actions and decisions. The Presidency having given a sure indication that President Buhari would seek a second term in office come 2019 is a Government decision, and qualifies to be put for voting on Oya Vote.

A Prosperous New Year to you and your family.


Personally, I don’t think you have a product. If there was a way for our votes to actually mean something, then that would be a product. Right now its just like a voting game, nothing really happens after you vote.


So many wise men, not enough fools


Based on your suggestions and contributions, we’ve been able to implement a voting version that doesn’t require you to login.

Now you can vote with just a click.

Thanks, as we continue to improve on Oyavote.com.

Your contributions will always be highly appreciated.

Rome was not built on a day, and definitely not by one man.

Thanks everyone.